Whats Startup

The term is most commonly applied to high-tech companies that develop products that use technology to offer something new or perform an existing task in a novel way. A start-up is a newly established company based on a perceived demand for a product, service or service from a particular market. A start-up’s intention is to […]

Information About Startups

Startups have always been a risky venture, and potential investors have several approaches to determining their value. One of their first tasks is to raise a considerable amount of money to develop the product. While the vast majority of startups fail, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in history have established successful companies, such as […]


Entrepreneurs need to raise money, plan for the long term, create business models and plans, hire key personnel and work on their business plan, business strategy, marketing plan and marketing strategy. Many of today’s most successful companies started out as startups, and some eventually became public companies. The early years are very important for startups, […]